Ross Palmer - Reassurance EP 
Ross Palmer - Reassurance

Mr Ross Palmer is a bit of an all rounder and has his fingers in various musical pies at the moment but this solo collection is an island of tranquillity in what is the raging torrent of modern life. This four track EP opens with the title track, 'Reassurance', which has a charming resemblance  to David Kitt but with a more downbeat, Evan Dando-ish feel. 'That's Not You' is altogether perkier and the guitars purr atop a bass line that pulsates under Palmer's understated vocals to create a heart-felt slice of indie with a hint of shoegazing thrown in for good measure. There is a summery melancholy to 'Teach Me To Believe' that Karen Carpenter used to achieve with effortlessness. This brief collection closes with 'Little Differences' and although the tempo is a little higher the sombre tones are still there for all to see amid all the gently strummed acoustic guitars and shuffling drums. I can't see Ross Palmer selling out stadiums any time soon but if you want something to listen to while you drink that first cup of tea on a grey Sunday morning then this just might be what you're looking for.

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