Rich Adams - Chemicals and Circumstance (Mercurial Records) 
Rich Adams - Chemicals & Circumstance

Release Date: 9th June 2014

Rich Adams is a Yorkshire based singer-songwriter who has been on the scene for a fair while, honing his craft and trying his hand at a range of different genres. All that taken in to account I want to give the guy a chance but after three spins I really, really, really can't get along with 'Chemicals and Circumstance'. The performance is fine but the combination of whistling, saxophone solos and day time TV back tracks does so little for me it's actually making me angry. And the pseudo creationism vs Darwinism lyrics would be funny if they weren't delivered so sincerely. The b-side, 'Ghosts In Our Suitcase' is a slight improvement as the chiming guitars and wistful lyrics give it a sense of real emotion which is something you can get on board with. I don't like to put someone down who has obviously spent a lot of time around music and knows how to write a song but I wouldn't be being honest if I said that I thought this was anything other than Katie Melua songs without the pretty girl up front. Sad but true.

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7th June - Sigma @ Cask Inn, Scarborough