Nazareth - Rock'n'Roll Telephone (Union Square) 
Nazareth - Rock'n'Roll Telephone

Release Date: 9th June 2014

I always thought it was a shame that rock legends Nazareth never had a member called Jesus, much in the same way that I always thought some festival promoter ought to put on a line up that opens with A and closes with ZZ Top with all the acts in between performing in alphabetical order. There is more room for humour in rock music than people think but then again folk do take it all rather seriously so I should probably shut up and get on with the review.

Dunfermline's finest kick off with the surprisingly contemporary sounding 'Boom Bang Bang' before 'One Set Of Bones' crunches in to life with some trademark guitars and a sound that purist Guns'n'Roses fans will enjoy. 'Back 2b4' is a Summery, acoustic tune (I know, who knew right?) which has elements of Rod Stewart in his hey-day and 'Winter Sunlight' is a gentle rock ballad, the kind Ozzy might listen to on a crisp Sunday afternoon. What's clear from the opening tracks on this album is that Nazareth still know how to rock but they've developed a softer, more subtle side as befits a band on album number 23. That said, it's back to the good ol' fashioned rock on 'Rock'n'Roll Telephone', 'Punch A Hole In The Sky' and the bangra-rhythmed 'Long Long Time'

On 'The Right Time' we get some mellow, gentle guitars and wistful lyrics before 'Not Today' creeps in with sinister atmospherics and then the metal guitars grind in to action to lay the path for the rasping vocals of Linton Osborne. 'Speakeasy' is a sleazy, almost punk rock-ish number but it's on 'Just A Ride' that the dark, chugging chops really come out and Osborne's wail is reminiscent of his name-sake back in the day. The album closes with the huge sounding 'God Of The Mountain' and the Def Leppard-esque 'Wanna Feel Good' which is pure good time rock'n'roll with some weird keyboard sounds thrown in for a laugh. Now, I wouldn't have classed myself as a Nazareth fan at any time in my life and I'm not about to go out and buy the back catalogue (I'd need a loan I think), but I have a sneaking suspicion that Nazareth fans will really enjoy this latest chapter in the epic story of Scottish rock.

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Live Dates: 

13th June - Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
20th June - Amfiteatr Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic
21st June - Valassky Spalicek Festiavl Valasske Mezirici
25th June - Cowichican Theatre, Duncan
26th June - The Side Williams Theatre, Courtenay
27th June - Vernon, British Columbia
28th June - The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver
30th June - Hinton, AB
1st July - The Occidental, Quesnal
4th July - Slave Lake Inn, Slave Lake
5th July - Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Calgary
8th July - O'Brians Event Centre, Saskatoon
10th July - Eagle River Casion, Whitecourt
11th July - Fort McMurray, AB
12th July - Peace River, AB
14th July - Winnipeg, MB
17th July - Gold Eagle Casino, North Battleford
18th July - Grande Prairie, AB
19th July - River Cree Resort and Casino, Box 179
26th July - Rock of Ages Festival, Seebron
31st July - Vallemagia Blues Festival, Cevio
15th August - Rathausbuhne Vadus Leichtenstein
16th August - Open Air Spalt, Germany
22nd August - Bucharest, Romania
23rd August - Fortress of Suceava, Romania
18th September - Porto Allegre, Brazil
19th September - Caxias do Sul, Brazil
20th September - Curitiba, Brazil
21st September - Sao Paulo, Brazil

25th October - Dark days Festival, Kristiansand