Musique Le Pop - L'ete EP (Cafe Superstar Recordings) 
Musique Le Pop - L'ete EP

Release Date: 5th June 2014

The sun is out, summer is pretty much here, there is beer chilling in the fridge. What are we missing? Ah yes, some Norwegian electro pop. Musique Le Pop are a trio of electro heads make some delightfully floaty and dreamy pop that would suit a travelling montage in a Manga film about kids trying to solve some big mystery. The EP starts with 'Mateo', a song that sounds more French than Norwegian with a Vanessa Paradis meets Air vein running through it. Next up is 'In My Arms' which leans more towards the Dubstar and St Etienne end of the spectrum as a chugging bass line and electro-panpipes provide a lovely bed for the soft, soothing vocals of Elisabeth Thorsen.

There is something very 90s europop about 'Turn To Sand' but it's done in such a way that it just about gets away with it as the cheesiness gets hidden beneath layers of sumptuous synths and insistent rhythms that keep things chugging nicely along. 'Falling In Love' is a gentle, jangly piece of loveliness that is all about summer breezes and floaty dresses as the sun goes down on a cool roof top bar. The EP finishes up with 'Dream Out Loud' and we're treated to an ethereal, forest dwelling tune that flits around between the trees only to disappear as you get close enough to reach out. There is more to Musique Le Pop than their name or the early tracks on this EP suggest so I would recommend getting this for yourself, it goes perfectly with cocktails.

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