Movie - Ads 
Movie - Ads

Release Date: 9th June 2014

I've read some fairly wild claims about Movie, the trio who hail from South London. The Guardian suggested they were the saviours of Indie and, as fun as they are, I think this might be a slightly tall claim. Don't get me wrong, 'Ads' is a lot of fun and the melodies are infectious, from the woozy guitar to the bouncing bass line it's hard to resist the indie-pop that they're creating. To me, though, there is a Venn diagram to be drawn between Young Knives, the Hoosiers, Me Me Me and Space which clearly shows Movie at the centre. Maybe there is other material that hits harder or has more of a groove but for me this fairly disposable indie-pop - something we need every now and again but I'm not about to suggest that Sir Jarvis of Cocker steps aside as the dandy Duke of Indie town.

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