Mountainear - Distant Camps (Cocktail Music) 
Mountainear - Distant Camps

Release Date: 14th July 2014

I've got a raging headache as I write this so choosing to listen to a percussion based trio is perhaps not my best move but if it doesn't kill I'll just get stronger, right? Bring on the pain!!! In all seriousness, Mountainear may describe themselves as 'percussion-led' but it's their subtle and clever use of the percussive elements of music that make them and their new single so appealing. 'Distant Camps' could fall in to the Ellie Goulding category were it not for the rippling beats that sound so beautifully organic as they bounce off the soft, smooth vocals and the airy electronic melodies. This isn't necessarily a Saturday night stomper for the clubs but you could do an awful lot worse than having this as the first thing you hear in the morning at a festival. Like a refreshing summer breeze with optimism and hope running through its core, just what you need when you're knee deep in what you hope is mud and everything smells and tastes like stale cider.

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