Megan Bonnell - Hunt & Chase (Nevado Records) 
Megan Bonnell - Hunt & Chase

Release Date: 2nd June 2014

Listen up Laura Marling, we might just have a challenger for you. Canadian Megan Bonnell is sublimely talented and has an approach to music that is raw, unique and uncompromising in it's beauty. This latest album from the Toronto resident starts with a tribal, camp fire feel on 'Coming Home' which apes Marling's off-centre vocal style but does more with the guitar as a rhythm instrument. 'Found You' is up next and finds Bonnell in Bat For Lashes mode while 'Stars' is a full-on, unashamed folk-rock ballad with impish vocals. It's on the beautifully pure 'Say My Name', though, that Bonnell really hits her stride - albeit a slow, grumpy stride through snow caked fields on a slate grey day. The talent that Megan possesses is in turning her hand to a number of styles that are popular among female solo artists whilst making sure that her own style and unique sound runs all the way through it like a persistent stream through  a dense forest.

'I'm Not Your Woman' is another piano based number full of wistful, middle-distance stares and Bonnell's soft, velvety voice. The soft guitars that open 'We Are Strangers Now' are custom made for those nights when you can't sleep and you're up when the sun rises over the horizon. And then, just when you think you've got her sussed out, 'Hunt and Chase' comes along with undulating, pounding drums and Florence Welch-esque vocals that hit somewhere between the heart and the nuts. 'Slowly' has the charmingly gentle feel of a Zoe Johnston tune while 'Off The World' has a sombre tone to every press of a piano key until it starts to build with Kimbra levels of energy. Closing up with 'This Is The Way For Us' sees our heroine return to full on folk and that voice, oh that voice, is just sublime. Like I said, for fans of Laura Marling this should be a must but expect more because this album won't let you down. Gorgeous stuff.

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