Lyonn - Promenade EP 
Lyonn - Promenade

According to his (presumably) self-written PR, Tyler Gerlud is influenced by Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, Coldplay and Leonardo Dicaprio, is based in Orange County or Knoxville and is a good kisser. Now this combination of information either makes Gerlud a dull but arrogant bore or a self-assured yank with an appetite for British indie. This EP is released under the name Lyonn and begins with 'Dancing Machine' which actually seems somewhere between the Feeling and Savage Garden but in a tolerable way. Lyonn's soft, tender vocals that herald the beginning of 'Midnight Mind' soon give way to thundering, horses hooves and an urgent bit of guitar strumming as the likes of Bastille and softer elements of Silverchair come through in the music.

'Just Say Hello' really shows the Ed Sheeran inspiration as the guitars bob along merrily enough with impassioned vocals sailing airily over the top. The EP closes with 'Sing You To Sleep' which is a sweeping, melodramatic piece of piano based moodiness that has a cinematic quality to it. I can see what Lyonn/Tyler Gerlud is trying to do here but there isn't quite enough to hook you in and make you fall in love on this EP. There is obviously talent here but as is so often the case with solo artists, Lyonn could perhaps benefit from someone else to bounce ideas off and to push him on creatively. More to come, I would suggest.

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19th September - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles