Latimer House - Birdcage Walk (Honk Records) 
Latimer House - Birdcage Walk

Release Date: 7th July 2014

When  I first heard of Latimer House my musical data banks immediately tried to link them to Young Knives, one of my favourite bands. Then I actually listened to them and I had to rewire my brain completely. You see, 'Birdcage Walk' is a classic piece of thoroughly English guitar pop in the tradition of Squeeze, the Jam and Steve Harley. The catchy little riff, the bouncing drums, layers of organs and popping bass all make for a thoroughly pleasant little tune. The deadpan vocals, whilst initially appealing do get a little Jona Lewie on us but I guess that's part of the style for these guys. This song is actually so understated that it couldn't be more British but maybe Latimer House will need to be a little more like our American cousins and show off a bit more if they want to really kick on - I believe one of them is American so they're 25% there already.

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