Josephine & The Artizans - Dies Irae 
Josephine & The Artizans - Dies Irae

Release Date: 2nd June 2014

Regular visitors to this blog should have heard all about the phenomenal Josephine & The Artizans but if you haven't then listen up and listen good. These guys are a bit special and a lot different so if you're bored of the same old, same old then get yourself something aurally refreshing and plug in to this EP. The EP opens up with the title track, 'Dies Irae', which is like Muse and Dizzee Rascal collaborating on the opening credits of the new James Bond film as the worlds of rap and rock collide with classical opera to great effect. 'Carpe Diem' hits hard from the word go as the rhymes spit out like a club killer but the brooding strings in the background give this a more sinister feel and then the luscious voice of Josephine Permaul soothes the savage beast like a gangster's moll - calm in the face of danger.

On 'Let Me Go' there is a calmer, more gentle feel with soul and a little more groove but that intense rhyming and soothing string combination is still used superbly. The EP finishes up with former single 'Lacrymosa' which adds a waltz tempo in to the huge melting pot of genres and influences all present in the music of Josephine and Artizans. And that's the real secret to the band's success - any of these styles would be fine on their own but probably wouldn't turn many heads but the combinations and taming of the many musical beasts is truly impressive. I suppose it's similar to that thing where you see someone looking stunning in an improbable collection of garments that, on you, would just look like you fell in to your wardrobe when you woke up - some people have it and some don't. Josephine and the Artizans have it. Big style.

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Live Dates:

7th June - Alresford Festival, Alresford
22nd June - Headlander Festival
12th July - Cazfest Festival
13th July - The Willow Festival
26th July - Barefoot Festival
27th July - Forever Sun Festival
2nd August - Rhythms Of The World Festival
3rd August - Nozstock Festival
8th August - Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival

10th August - Boomtown Fair