Jonny Debt - Purple Heart (Porcelain Records) 
Johnny Debt - Purple Heart

Release Date: June 2014

Canadian musician Jonny Debt has apparently been working on this song for 7 years which suggests he's either had a lot on or is just an incredibly poor self-motivator. Either way, I'm fairly sure this is worth the wait although it gives me a niggly feeling that something isn't right. 'Purple Heart' starts with a jangly guitar line which suggests some kind of indie tune but the dirty bass and stomping drums give this a blues feel and somehow, in my warped brain, this makes me think of Jeff Buckley jamming with Kings Of Leon in an old tin shack with nothing for refreshment but whiskey and barbecue chicken. If you like your music honest and with the kind of edge that our more tortured actors and rock stars have then this will probably appeal. I get the feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg but the chorus lyric of "Oooh, I wish I died for you" could certainly be chanted by huge crowds of adoring fans while the drummer keeps a vague beat before the band kick back in for one last big chorus. Dirty but with potential.

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