Jake Isaac - Long Road 
Jake Isaac - Long Road

Lahndahn boy Jake Isaac has a new EP on the horizon and 'Long Road' is the lead track/teaser/single/whatever you want to call it to whet your appetite. And on the basis of this tune you should be ravenous for this music. Isaac's earthy vocals open this tune before the stomping rhythm kicks in and the tense, pent up guitar strumming rises up from the mist. There are elements of Brother & Bones about this with tinges of John Grant, Passenger and a real sense of life being an open door ready to be walked through. With enough airplay and the backing of key media types this could be a massive hit in mainstream charts as well as on the alternative side of things. Genuine talent with a superb song - bring on the EP.

More information: www.iamjakeisaac.com

Live Dates:

17th June - Sebright Arms, London w/Noah