Hey Bulldog - Numb EP 
Hey Bulldog - Numb EP

Manchester lads Hey Bulldog have been good enough to name their new EP after my pretentiously named teenage band which is awfully generous of them but will their music live up to my first efforts at rock stardom? Well, the opening track, 'Oh My Soul', is an understated Black Keys-esque stomp which doesn't even make the two minute mark but title track 'Numb' is a fuzzed up, distortion fuelled, nose bleed of a song that is much more powerful and will, in all likelihood, put hairs on your chest.

The mid-point of this EP, 'Let It Go', swirls and buzzes around the bass drone and drum pounding until main-man Rob Manton lets loose his best Tim Burgess impression as the band position themselves carefully between psyhce, blues and baggy. Apart from being the new anthem for givers of oral sex, 'I'm Going Down' is a trippy, spaced out number with plenty of space and sprawling melodies that run off over the horizon like a Doors wig out on the back of a spooked donkey. The EP closes with 'This Is Better' which is somewhere between QOTSA, Arctic Monkeys and Brown Brogues and that is not a bad place to be. Hey Bulldog have got some great ideas but I get the feeling they'll be one of those bands that does a much better job in the live environment where they can experiment with distortion and let loose the real rock'n'roll sneer.

More information: www.hey-bulldog.com

Live Dates:

28th June - Kraak Gallery, Manchester w/Heavy Times

26th July - Forever Sun Festival, Dorset