Giuseppe Rotunno - Aequilibrium 
Giuseppe  Rotunno - Aequilibrium

Italian Giuseppe Rotunno is going out on a limb by being a solo artist producing instrumental electro-prog songs. I mean, it's not necessarily something you can imagine clogging up the charts as a 'scene' any time soon but does that make it a bad decision? Hells no. We need bravery in music otherwise we'd never get anywhere. This new track, 'Aequilibrium', is good five minutes long and features a range of influences from Jose Gonzalez, Muse and Massive Attack to the likes of Genesis, Ludovico Einaudi Rush and Yes. At times it sounds like incidental music from the menu page on a role playing game for the Nintendo and at other times it sounds like the backing track for some experimental spoken word project but at no point does it sound like anything else I've been sent for review in the last year or so. Am I likely to put this on in the car when I'm out for a drive? Probably not. Am I glad it exists? Absolutely. And I hope more comes from the expansive mind of Mr Rotunno.

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