DZ Deathrays - Reflective Skull (Infectious Records) 
DZ Deathrays - Reflective Skull

Release Date: 9th June 2014

Aussie boys DZ Deathrays are back and this time it's all getting a little bit serious for these guys. Radio are all over them, press are loving them and the internet is a buzz with DZ this and Deathrays that. The question is, however, is the new single actually any good? 'Reflective Skull', for that is the new single, is good. Really good. Really, really fucking good. Imagine Black Keys, Black Kids, Prince, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Andrew W.K. all getting their party on with Karen O and Jack White behind the bar and you're somewhere close to the raw sex and dirty rock that emanates from this track. Scything guitars, thumping drums and vocals that could unhook a girl's bra at 100 paces all combine to make something very sexy and ever so slightly dangerous which is the perfect combination for a rock'n'roll tune. Turns out the hype is justified, who'd a thunk it?!?!

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Live Dates:

10th July - Traena Festival, Traena
11th July - 2000trees Festival, Cheltenham
18th July - Truck Festival, Oxford
8th August - Beacons Festival, North Yorkshire
29th October -  Academy, Dublin w/Band Of Skulls
30th October - Limelight 2, Belfast w/Band Of Skulls
1st November - Riverside, Newcastle w/Band Of Skulls

2nd November - Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh w/Band Of Skulls