Departure Kids - On The Go (Howlin Banana Records) 
Departure Kids - On The Go

Marseille quartet Departure Kids are a suave bunch of motherfuckers and even before I've listened to a note I know they'll be about as interested in my opinion as my mum is in Norwegian dark wave. But I don't care, I'm going to tell them what I think anyway. 'Right Now (Tell Me About It)' gets things started with a chugging bass, ramshackle drums and guitars that the Libertines would have been proud of in their full pomp. The charmingly titled 'Wanking Too Hard' is actually a sweet toned if a little rambunctious romp with jangly guitars and the sound of football fans just about holding a tune. 'Left On Earth' continues at the same care free, breakneck pace while 'Suit It Up' veers from up-tempo to wistful like a drunk on a moped.

This is music made by a gang of mates who are hell bent on having a good time through their music but they take a step back from the brink on 'Pas Besoin De Toi' with a slow building acoustic tune that is as dirgy and melancholic as most of my favourite depressive 90s bands. Normal service is resumed on 'Wondering' as the indie-rock themes continue but 'Let Me Stand There' is a much more effective rock'n'roll tune which takes elements of the Beatles and the jangle of the La's to make something altogether more interest. The album finishes up with 'Rat City', which would fit in with the likes of Catfish & Bottlemen these days, and 'Avion' which has a thoroughly satisfying chug to it as the guitars echo and bounce off the walls. This is bright, lively and youthful stuff with some addictive melodies and infectious beats that will appeal to any lover of jangly indie with a rock'n'roll edge.

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