Cross Wires - Assembly EP 
Cross Wires - Assembly EP

Existing on the Romford/Bethnal Green border, Cross Wires are that classic post-punk, agit-indie band that the British music industry was built on. Drawing influences from the likes of the Jam and the Buzzcocks is one thing but this is your archetypal gang of mates who are in to drinking, smoking, football and being in a band (that's not an assumption, it says as much on their Facebook profile). This latest offering from the Essex/London boys kicks off, quite literally, with the up-tight pop-thrash of 'Stranger's Bed' that features some early Arctic Monkey's guitars and some early Libertines vocals with great effect. 'Acid Bath' is another itchy, agitated number with dissatisfaction running through it as frontman Jonathan Chapman repeatedly spits "What's the point of all of this?" like a grumpy old man despite the fact that he can't be more than about 19. The essence of punk runs through Cross Wires but in the way kids think of it these days after years of listening to Blink 182 and Sum 4.

Things slow down slightly and take on a jerky, skanking rhythm on 'I Want To Be Your Man (Again)' as Chapman sings like a drunk trying to get his girlfriend to let him in to the house at 3.00am ( you know what I mean "Tracey, I love you. Please baby. Just let me in. I'll do anything you want.........stupid cow......please!?!"). The EP comes to a close with 'White Dress' which is a departure for the band as there is a little more emphasis on mood and melody but the drums are still tight and punchy while the vocals are a little more Morrisey meets Mark E Smith. Cross Wires are the kind of band that will probably always fair better live than in the recorded medium as it is pretty much impossible to capture their energy but this is a very  good stab.

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