Courtly Love - Mirage 
Courtly Love - Mirage

Release Date: 2nd June 2014

I was a little disappointed to find out that London five piece Courtly Love were not a Hole tribute band that dressed in medieval costume but maybe that was a little too much to hope for. No matter, Courtly Love are actually a delightful bunch of Velvet Underground inspired musicians harking back to a simpler, more expressive time and 'Mirage' is the very epitome of that time. Booming, lazy drums nudge the Doors-esque guitars along and the tambourine chimes merrily along with rolling bass lines. This is music for a go-go club at four in the morning with girls in knee high boots and improbably sunglasses adorning the faces of the rabble furtively hunched around a corner table. The B-side, 'For Your Love I Get High', is more of a slow burner that is somewhere between country'n'western, psychedelia and a drunk Hawaiian playing some sleepy guitars while to sultry Layla croons and swoons over the top. If you like your music heavy on the retro then this will just perfect to kick start your summer.

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Live Dates:

20th June - Power Lunches Arts Cafe, London w/Velvet Morning + Climbing Boys
24th July - 93 Feet East, London w/White Fever
22nd August - Sebright Arms, London w/In Violet + Relics