Chasing Dragons - Checkmate EP 
Chasing Dragons - Checkmate

Leeds heavy rockers Chasing Dragons are back with a fiver track EP and it couldn't start off in more ambitious or dramatic style that the filmic and over the top 'Prelude' which, for my money, ought to be the opening music to the next and much darker than usual James Bond film. It's on 'Throwing Down Your King' that things start to really take shape as those chunky speed riffs and horses-hooves drums start gallop relentlessly onwards. There is a more Guns'n'Roses feel to 'That's Not Love' as the Slash-esque guitars squeal and snarl for all they're worth and vocalist Tank slides effortlessly from seductive to threatening.

Now I know not everybody likes the heavier end of rock music but I defy anyone to resist the joys of the riff that introduces 'For The Sake Of Murder' which is the perfect counterfoil for Tank's raunchy rock singing. 'The Last Defence' starts with a gentle, neo-classical piano riff but soon the drama levels start to build and before the end we are looking at a full on rock ballad that Queen or Bon Jovi would be proud of. The EP finishes with arguably the best track, 'Broken Jaws', which has a soul despite the speed and fury with which the guitars twist, turn and grind. Chasing Dragons are the kind of band that would have a huge following in the US if they were from California , for instance,

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Live Dates:

9th July - The MacBeth, London
2nd August - The Shed, Leicester
20th August - The Cockpit, Leeds w/William Control
21st August - Lomax, Liverpool
22nd August - The Club That Rocks, Consett

19th September - The Underworld, London