Biscuit Mouth - Doing It Right And Doing It Well 
Biscuit Mouth - Doing It Right And Doing It Well

Right, consider my colours nailed to the mast but I frickin' love this. It's a real Marmite album but I can't get enough of the stuff which is bad for fleas - interesting Marmite fact, fleas don't like the smell of it. Anyway, Biscuit Mouth are a duo from Derby who play unforgiving, noisy post-punk tunes that is as close to Mark E. Smith guesting with Brown Brogues in a brothel as you would ever hope to get. The album starts with the unholy duo of 'The Sea Son, Quentin' and 'Roll In To The Dancer' which are unrelenting and intense before the stuttering groove rock of 'Gregory Pointer' blows away any doubts you had that this is a rock album. 'Yaw' has a big, American feel to it as the solitary early riff is improved only by the drawling, snarling, Shane McGowan-esque vocals and the drums that turn up late but in such good form.

The hypnotic bass line that starts off 'Sonny Mottram' is met with clashing guitars and scattered drums to create an intense sonic experience. Any song that opens with the words "His craft was sacrosanct witchcraft for those who know" shouted from the door way of the studio as a grumpy guitar is prodded with a rusty saw is always going to be challenging but 'You Want Something?' is a good kind of challenging in the vein of At The Drive-In or Velcro Hooks. 'Doing It Right And Doing It Well' sounds a little bit like a young Iggy Pop falling down some stairs while trying to play the guitar while 'Cut Loose And Then Some' has some more subdued melodies that grown in volume to compete with the jazz-rock drum experimentation. The album closes with the two minute long 'Nine' which is essentially a feedback drone and the drunken screamings of a man who has spent too long in the sun drinking Lidl's own brand sherry - it's a disturbing way to end the album but sums Biscuit Mouth up perfectly. This is not sing-a-long music (shout along at best) but if you want something that sounds different and is genuinely challenging then wrap your ears around this beautiful beast.

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23rd June - Le Pressoir, Brest
24th June - Fermatozoide, Rennes
25th June - Le Lezard Bar, Le Mans
26th June - Localypso, Pay
27th June - Up & Down, Montpellier
28th June - Le Samynaire, Montpellier
17th July - The Hairy Dog, Derby
25th July - Artsmith Studios, Derby

25th October - JT Soar, Nottingham