Ali Ingle - A Life Unlike Yours 
Ali Ingle - A Life Unlike Yours

Release Date: 28th June 2014

Liverpudlian scamp Ali Ingle is back with a new EP of songs and an improbable piece of cover art that I wouldn't want to attempt - not with my knees. The EP begins with the title track, 'A Life Unlike Yours', which is a beautiful blend of Springsteen-esque vocal melodies but with the awkwardness of David Kitt or Jim Noir after a few pints having a go at an Ed Sheeran impression. 'Yours Alone' is a mellower affair but has that commercial feel so many solo male acts are succeeding with at the moment - somewhere between acoustic folk and a slow jam with a big bass drum beat.

Ingle is a talent, there's no denying that, but he's taking alternative influences and straddling the line between the credible and the commercial which is so hard to do well these days. The second half of the EP kicks with recent single 'The Locker' which has a more American twang and an interesting video that's worth checking out. Just as it's getting in to its stride the EP comes to a close with 'I Won't Be There', a song  that opens with mournful keys before growing to a subdued triumphalism like Elbow finding a tenner in their collective pockets on a Sunday morning after a late night at the pub. Given the right push and the patronage of a BBC Radio 2 DJ I think Mr Ingle might just be able to turn one of these tunes in to an ear worm of epic proportions.

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