Abee Hague - Novus EP 
Abee Hague - Nova EP

Release Date: 29th June 2014

Cornish teenager Abee Hague has literally just launched this EP online but I had to jump on it for a review as quickly as possible, such is the buzz around this girl. The Falmouth resident plays guitar, keyboards and sings her own compositions with a bit of support from a couple of band mates on this EP. This collections opens up with 'Bringing It Back To You' which has an atmospheric intro that sounds like electronic whale music before Massive Attack-esque beats and bass creeps in the song starts to soar in fits and starts. This is way more than you might expect from a singer-songwriter based in a remote Cornish fishing town and immediately the buzz is justified. 'The Way It Is' has an element of Winehouse and Goulding about it, such are the soulful tones of Hague's voice and pop influences of her melodies.

The midpoint of this collection is 'WOAH' which features some mellowed out chords and a sexy R&B vibe that makes this perfect music for turning the lights down low, switching your phone off and getting up close and personal with that special someone. This is sultry, sophisticated stuff for someone so young but it's performed so intently and passionately that it can't have come from anyone else's soul other than Hague's. On 'Valentine' we get to fully appreciate the powerful fragility of the Kernow pop princess' voice as she sings over some chilled out beats and atmospherically subdued melodies. The EP closes on 'Now Breathe', a track that grows from the shadows in a way that is somewhere between Portishead, Iggy Azalea and LWM favourite Kimbra. I can't imagine Abee Hague performing these songs in the cosy pubs of the Cornish towns and villages but I hope she gets to perform them to a larger audience soon as this music deserves to be heard and adored by the masses. Impressive stuff.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/music.abeehague

Live Dates:

29th June - EP Launch @ Gylly Beach Cafe, Cornwall