Venture - Stay True EP 
Venture - Stay True EP

For a band that list At The Drive-In, Rancid and Against Me! as influences, this new EP by Wigan upstarts Venture starts with a distinctly light and airy number. The opening track, 'Stay With Me' is a bouncy, acoustic lead and ukulele infused piece of indie-ska with soft soulful vocals from Lucy Burrows and a sense of youthful exuberance. The next track is 'Venture', an even more lilting number with elements of Kate Nash and No Doubt as the male vs female vocals play back and forth off each other in a gentle but lively fashion.

'Never Grow Old' is perhaps the most poppy and mainstream track here as the ska rhythms jerk from the speakers and the vocals are pitched somewhere between US emo and angst-pop with a relatively pleasing outcome. The EP finishes up with the title track, 'Stay True', and after four tracks it's clear that Venture have a real knack for writing catchy, pop melodies over ska rhythms with perfectly pitched vocal harmonies and a hint of up tempo folk. So, as a package, this should go down pretty well but if I had to offer one word of advice it would be to beef the sound up a bit as all the tracks sound a little bit thin. The key thing is the songwriting though and that's nailed down so everything else is just fluff and production.

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Live Dates:
27th May - Millstone Rocks, Golborne
8th June - Wigan Town Centre, Wigan
28th June - Boulevard, Wigan w/Roger The Mascot
9th August - The Banner, Wigan

6th September - DW Stadium, Wigan