The Bynars - Time Vs Money 
The Bynars - Time Vs Money

The Bynars are a couple of guys from Boston, MA, making music influenced by their interests in Star Wars, snacks and juice. The latest upshot of these interests is new single 'Time vs. Money' which kicks off with a rickety beat, a distant air raid siren and some woozy guitar noises. A pulsing bass line keeps things moving along before the desperate, rocky vocals kick in but not with quite the right level of punch and power you might expect. In fact, the whole song lacks a certain energy that is surprising given the obvious care that has gone in to crafting the song. The B-side or whatever it's called these days is 'Dancing on a Dream (2014 Mix)' which is immediately more punchy, more exciting and generally more likely to be played at house parties while brain dead kids dance like nobody is watching. The Bynars have got something approaching LCD Soundsystem's sound but it's mixed with the blandness of the Killers rather than the necessary rawness and edge to make this stand out more. Close but no cigar.

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