Secrets For September - The Festival EP + Letting Go And Live 
Secrets For September - The Festival EP

Bit of an odd one this as I've been sent two EPs by the same band to review at the same time but Devon band Secrets For September seem like a nice bunch so what the hell. The Festival EP is up first and 'To Behold' kicks proceedings off with some mid-paced, Fleetwood Mac-esque melodies and dreamy vocals from frontwoman Ellie Taylor. 'Upside Down' has got some bonkers synths to go with the soft rock guitars which takes thing to a firmly prog-rock place while 'Traces' is a more uptempo number with some 80s influences from the likes of Marillion and Duran Duran. The final track on this EP is 'Reflections' which is a lyrical reminiscence on past decisions although the lyrics themselves aren't the best I've ever heard, it has to be said.

Secrets For September - Letting Go And Live
Letting Go And Live is the second EP and it opens up with the mandolin infused melodies of 'Letting Go', returning to that Fleetwood Mac vibe for another time. There then follows live recordings of 'To Behold', 'Upside Down' and 'Letting Go' which are all good quality recordings but don't add a lot to the original versions. The EP finishes up with a live recording of 'Friends Forever' which begins with some outlandish solo guitar noodling followed by a few drum solos and a mellow, soft rock tune that sounds more enjoyable to the player than the audience. In terms of musicianship, these guys have got nothing to worry about but for me the songwriting leaves a little something to be desired as a lot of the tunes seem quite self-indulgent which is a bit of a turn off for me.

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10th May - South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes w/The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown