Sculpture Music  - Beneath The Waves EP 
Sculpture Music - Beneath The Waves EP

Exeter duo Sculpture Music are doing something genuinely different with their music and a large part of that stems from their use of an instrument I know next to nothing about - the Hang Drum. Along with guitars, piano, double bass and some vocals, the Hang Drum is used to great rhythmic and melodic effect throughout to create the kind of music Peter Gabriel would want to relax to after a hard day's....Gabrieling. This EP kicks off with the wistful 'Another Island' which is the perfect introduction to the gentle, calm world of Sculpture Music. 'Beneath The Waves' comes next as the Hang Drum features more heavily like a more mellow version of a steel drum band while 'Stars' has a more oriental, wintery feel to it like Christmas morning in Tokyo. The final track on this collection is 'Only Human' and I am left struggling to find comparisons for this music which is always a good sign. Peter Gabriel would be an obvious reference point along with the melodies of Jean Michel Jarre and the tone of Tears For Fears. Essentially, this is the kind of music I think my big brother would love which is why I've referenced those artists - that's the way my brain works. Sculpture Music are a unique and intriguing proposition who are offering something genuinely different for your musical taste buds - suck them and see for yourself! 

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Live Dates:

6th May - The Canteen, Bristol
27th June - Small World Stage @ Glastonbury Festival, Somerset
19th July - Chagstock Festival, Chagford

26th July - WOMAD Festival, Wiltshire