Save The Radio - Calculating The Sum Of Your Life EP (Tazbull Records) 
Save The Radio - Calculating The Sum Of Your Life

I can only get behind the name of this band as an instruction as we all need to keep our favourite radio stations on the air or risk them getting swallowed up in to the mass-market-music-machine. Anyway, rant over. Florida gents Save The Radio have a new EP of pop-punk rock for your delectation and it starts with the infectiously energetic 'Life In Rewind' which is part Blink 182, part A and part watered down Foo Fighters. 'Add It Up' has a pleasingly pulsing bass line and that kind of commercial, polished US sound that sells big units on mainstream radio and, with the right hook, can make bands in to superstars. There's something strange about 'Higher Than Heaven' that reminds of the kind of songs that feature in heartbreaking moments on South Park or Flight Of The Conchords and go on way too long with slightly over sincere vocals. By the time we get to 'Broken Road' we're in full on Snow Patrol meets Nickleback territory and the energy of earlier tracks has been replaced by the kind of acoustic led rock that is usually only performed by bands who have formed around singer-songwriters who got bored of drinking alone. Final track 'As Long As You're With Me (Homeword Bound)' is prime for the end of a rom-com where love triumphs against all odds and could easily be a Bryan Adams power-ballad. Now, to be fair, there aren't many bands doing big ol' rock ballads these days but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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