Rah Rah  - Prairie Girl (Hidden Pony Records) 
Rah Rah - Prairie Girl

Well this is a bit lovely. Chuck some Arcade Fire in with some Indigo Girls and Laura Marling, slowly roast over some gorgeous Motown beats and serve on a cold day. Essentially that's the recipe for 'Prairie Girl' by Canadian troupe and it sure does make a tasty soup, yesiree bob. This is the kind of uplifting indie that is normally reserved for the new Apple ad campaign or the end credits of feel good movie starring Michael Cera but this song comes with no trade-off in morals, it's just gorgeous. From those punchy drums through to that velvet soaked in honey voice via crunchy guitars this is an all out beauty of a song. Oh, and did I mention you can download it for free? You're welcome.

More information:  https://www.facebook.com/rahrahband?fref=ts

Download/Listen: http://rahrahband.com/UK/prairiegirl.html

Live Dates: 

17th May - Moritzbastei, Leipzig
21st May - Blue Shell, Cologne
22nd May - Drucklufthaus, Oberhausen
23rd May - White Rabbit Club, Freiburg
24th May - La Taverne Du Theatre, La Louviere
28th May - Franz K., Reutlingen
29th May - Hafen 2, Offenbach
30th May - Maifeld Derby 2014, Mannheim
31st May - Immergut Festival 2014, Neustrelitz
4th June - MUZ Club, Nuremberg
5th June - Gruner Salon, Berlin
6th June - Orange Blossom Special Festival, Beverungen
7th June - Zitadelle, Mainz
8th June - Knust, Hamburg
20th June - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

20th June - This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton