No Need For Parachutes - Not Before; Hereafter 
No Need For Parachutes - Not Before; Hereafter

Before we go any further, awesome artwork guys. I haven't listened to a note yet but I'm already considering getting that tattooed on my chest. Excellent work. Anyhoo, this four-piece from the Doncaster/Leeds area have a new EP for your enjoyment and it kicks off with 'Rapture', a tune straight out of the classic rock riffs playbook. 'Evelyn' follows next with some wild drum work and a blend of big crunching riffs and Brian Molko-esque vocals which just about works.

'Euphoria' certainly shows that these guys have studied their rock and metal classics with some excellent chops and nice use of the cymbals but my one complaint with the whole EP is that the vocals don't quite possess the song enough and are either too low in the mix or just not powerful enough to tame the snarling musical beast that the other instruments are bringing to life. The closing track is 'Fenrir' which begins with some slightly shaky vocal harmonies followed by a wall of guitars and cymbal splash. There is promise here, that's for sure, but NNFP need to sort out that vocal performance and then find a couple of big hooks and then we'll talk turkey.

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Live Dates:

15th May - Carpe Diem, Leeds
12th June - South Sea Live, Sheffield
14th June - Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster w/Allusondrugs + HUMANS AS ORNAMENTS

11th July - South Sea Live, Sheffield