Matthew & Me - Golden Charms EP (Blanket Records) 
Matthew & Me - Golden Charms

Release Date: 16th June 2014

Let's just get one thing out of the way, 'Golden Charms' sounds like a teeth-rottingly sweet cereal made by a chemical company with questionable morals. However, I can't stream cereal through Soundcloud so I'm fairly sure this is music and upon pressing play my suspicions are confirmed. This new EP from Totnes quintet kicks off with the title track, 'Golden Charms', which, after some initial atmospherics and spoken word, explodes in to the kind of song that would absolutely kill in a packed tent at any of the UK's bigger festivals. The balance of this lead track is somewhere between the raw energy of Brother & Bones and the studied song-crafting of the Maccabees or Bombay Bicycle Club. Following on is 'September', a much gentler and more tender song that steers just clear of being featured in a sausage advert but could easily be compared to the likes of Damien Rice, David Kitt or, at a push, Ed Sheeran.

The sweeping, swooning, slightly prog-ish guitars that introduce 'Letters' are a thing of soothing beauty as I write this at nearly 1.00am on a Saturday morning and it's easy to see why so many people are drawn in to the flame of this band and their enigmatic leader, Matthew Board. This third song builds to a cacophonous crescendo as the whole band layer on sounds and ideas like mattresses being piled high in the town square to see if the moon can be reached and pulled down from the sky. The EP finishes up with 'Rose To Find', a sinister and morose song played out on acoustic guitar and a healthy relationship with regret and heartbreak. Matthew & Me are certainly a talented bunch but most importantly they've got the songs to back up the technical talent and then passion to see it through. For fans of Elbow, Brother & Bones, Treetop Flyers and the Maccabees this is hot top for a new favourite. For fans of Mumford & Sons this is an absolute must - you need to hear what else there is out there. This is some fine, fine music....definitely not cereal.

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Live Dates:

20th June - The Great Hall, Totnes
10th July - The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London w/The Sea & I
11th July - X & Y Festival, Liverpool w/The Family Rain
18th July - Larmer Tree Festival, Salisbury
24th July - Port Eliot Festival, St. Germans
3rd August - Lime Wood, New Forest w/Nizlopi
29th August - Bicton Festival, Devon
18th September - South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes