Lightmares - Lightmares Are Rich And Educated (MG Records) 
Lightmares - Lightmares Are Rich And Educated

Ready for some more sweet, sweet Canadian music? It's been at least a week since I've reviewed anything from the maple loving nation so it's about time I got around to Ontario trio Lightmares and their new album, provocatively titled 'Lightmares Are Rich And Educated'. Jamie, Nicholas and Zack describe themselves fairly plainly as Punk Rock and from the evidence on opening tracks 'The Sweat Of A Hero' and 'Confidence Rock' they are pretty spot on with that analysis. By the time we get to soup, there is a definite feeling that Lightmares are fond of big riffs, pounding drums and a refreshing gang mentality that exudes fun and camaraderie. Now, they ain't the best singers in the world but when you're a punk rock band I don't think that really matters, especially when they're having as much fun as they obviously are.

'Everything Avenue' is a more laid back track with some suave guitar notes drifting through the distorted bass lines before 'Worn A Mask' chugs in like a drunk arriving late to a dinner party where he goes about telling the truth that everyone else is too polite to mention. All class. The brooding bass that opens the one minute and fourteen seconds of Nicholas Laments quickly becomes the entire song which is a brave move - how many punk bands do you know that would put a track on an album that is just a bass solo? 'Notamotto' is a gang anthem of pure punk proportions while 'These Trying Times' is something of a punk ballad that's somewhere between the Zutons, We Are Scientists and the Presidents Of The United States Of America. Final track, 'So Free', which is a swaggering, sweating, leather clad piece of rock'n'roll debauchery performing in a small room full of flashing lights and heaving bodies. This is not the most acutely talented band in the world but I bet their shows are a lot of fun and I reckon they can hold their liquor too.

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