King Kool - Talk About (Oilbug Music) 
King Kool - Talk About

Release Date: 19th May 2014

My first thought when listening to this single from duo King Kool was not that this sounds like the Stooges (it does), or that it channels the spirit of Rock From The Crypt (it does) or that this sounds like two guys having the most fun two guys have have in a small room together without lube (it does). No, my first thought was that for the first time I can remember I immediately compared a male band to a female band rather than the other way around. Y'see, the brutal tub-thumping, dirty guitars, thrashy cymbals and sneering vocals on 'Talk About' made me instantly think of LWM favourites Deux Furieuses and now all I can picture is a double bill featuring the two duos on stage battling out in some kind of rock'n'roll battle of the sexes (this should definitely happen by the way). The real winner will be the fans though and, with an album coming later this summer, the future is looking good for King Kool. Dirty, scuzzy, sneering and covered in dubious stains, sure, but it still looks good.

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