Failure Machine/Joan & The Rivers - Pizza Foam 
Failure Machine/Joan & The Rivers - Pizza Foam

Release Date: 3rd May 2014

My favourite Reno boys are back and this time they've brought a few friends to the party in the shape of Joan and the Rivers. This split single coming out on a self-release is comprised of two tracks per band followed by a track that features all of their musical talents, nothing can possibly go wrong, right? Failure Machine are up first with 'Target', a bluesy piece of rock'n'roll slathered in generous helpings of horns and Jon Spencer-esque vocals. The soul and blues spirit that these guys embody is just sensational and if I've said it once I've said it a hundred times - I NEED to see these guys live so would somebody please fly them over to the UK? Just for me? Thanks. Or fly me over to Reno, I'm not fussy. 'Don't Get So Down' is the other track from Failure Machine which is a plodding, blues infused piece of broken hearted agony that should see the singer sweating and crying through the pain as the horn section soulfully and smoothly purrs away in the background.

Joan & The Rivers take the second half of this split release and start off with 'Jabroni' which, in turn, starts with a mêlée of sounds before settling in to a funky but raw garage guitar riff. This is fairly spaced out stuff with psyche influences as well as the more mainstream guitar work and song structures. 'Picolonley' is the other track from the San Jose gents and it's a low slung, slow swaggering piece of dirty rock'n'roll balladry that is all 5 day old stubble and distorted guitars played with a snarl. For the final track, as promised, the two bands unite to create their version of the Steve Earle classi 'The Devil's Right Hand'. This is a triumph of White Stripes production values and dual male vocals which you can only hope were sung in to a shared microphone in a sweaty room lit only by a single red lightbulb and during session fuelled by bourbon and a sense of desperation. If this was a boxing match then I think Failure Machine would win late on but it's certainly a close call - they're both big hitters.

More information:

Failure Machine -

Joan & The Rivers -

Live Dates:

15th May - Caravan Lounge, San Jose (Failure Machine/Joan & The Rivers)

17th May - Shea's Tavern, Reno (Joan & The Rivers/Failure Machine)


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