EkeBuba - Buba Means Bug 
EkeBuba - Buba Means Bug

Those Zagreb boys are back with another six tracks of furious rock'n'roll straight from Satan's garage on Kick-Ass boulevard so make sure your daughters, sisters and, probably, mother's are locked up. There is no subtle introduction here as the band launch in to the riotous anti-life anthem 'Go Quit' which is full of thrashing guitars, crashing cymbals and a vocalist with a penchant for spitting lyrics rather than crooning them. 'Bad Movie' is the song that was thrown out of Grease for getting too many of the Pink Ladies pregnant while 'Told You So' is the illegitimate little brother of 'Great Balls Of Fire' that grew up listening to scratchy punk records. I'm rattling through this as only 2 of the six songs are longer than two minutes but these guys don't have time to hand around and explain themselves. Especially not to you.

The scuzzy bass and guitar riff of 'I Don't Know' is pure Stooges with an adrenaline shot before 'Blackout' comes crashing in with the spirit of Liam Lynch's 'United States Of Whatever' in black denim and dark glasses with a quiff the size of Andre the Giant's fist. This album, all 12 minutes of it, finishes off with a song called 'U E O' for the pure reason that those are the lyrics apart from the odd 'yeah!'. This is not thinking music, this is drinking, dancing and rutting music so don't treat it as anything else or you'll just disappoint yourself. EkeBuba, on the other hand, never disappoint.
More information: https://www.facebook.com/ekebubapage

Listen/Download: https://ekebuba.bandcamp.com/album/buba-means-bug

Live Dates:

10th June - Grey Room, Zagreb w/Modern Delusion + Hysterese