Dr Meaker - Right Back feat. Sian Evans (V Recordings) 
Dr Meaker - Right Back feat. Sian Evans

There's something happening on the dance scene at the moment that I can't quite put my finger on but there seems to be a move towards making dance more of a live experience again and getting back to the spirit of those big 90s dance hits that we all still fondly remember. Dr Meaker's latest offering epitomises this spirit beautifully and it has an infectiousness that is hard to resist - I wouldn't even bother trying if I were you. 'Right Back (feat. Sian Evans)' is full of sexy horn blasts, frantic beats, sensuous strings, cheeky synths and, crucially, the soulfully dusky vocals of Sian Evans. If you hear this blaring from a car this summer then don't be surprised and try not to hate the passengers too much - if you were in the car you'd be having a great time. I'm not suggesting you start hitch-hiking though, be safe out there kids.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/drmeaker?fref=ts 

Live Dates:
6th June - The Attic Bar, Bristol
7th June - University, Bournemouth
4th July - Blissfields 2014, Winchester
12th July - Pride Festival, Bristol
19th July - Westfest Festival, London
20th July - Larmer Tree Festival, Salisbury
8th August - Boomtown Fair, Winchester
5th September - Outlook Festival, Pula

27th September - Tokyo Dub Festival, Bristol