Deja Vega - Demos 
Deja Vega - Sleep/The Test

Cheshire trio Deja Vega are only 6 months old, bless em, but they seem to have been born with a dark heart and naturally cool hair. These two songs which are up on their soundcloud are nothing more than a marker of where they are right now but the scary thing is that where they are right now is light years ahead of some far more established bands. 'Sleep' is up first and it's somewhere between Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Stone Roses, Kasabian, Grinderman and the Stooges. The dark, moody guitars chime away in some cold, hard room as the drums pound like an industrial strength pacemaker that has replaced the heart of some demonic creature. The other tune on offer as a musical entree is 'The Test', a much more optimistic sounding affair but not without the urgency and nervous energy that is synonymous with the rhythm section. And I haven't even mentioned the vocals which feature the kind of tones only possessed by those born to rock stardom - cool, effortless and dripping in sexuality. Essentially, Deja Vega have just finished a round of pre-season friendlies and won them all ten-nil whilst breaking the legs of least two players in each team. The opposition should come in early for extra training if they know what's good for them.   

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11th May - New Images Youth Club, Winsford w/ Steve Crass