Trio of South Korean Bands Hit the UK for Nationwide Tour

Dead Buttons - Whoever You Are
A Little while back LWM interviewed a few South Korean bands that had been brought over to the UK to spread the word on their talents. They were, to man, brilliantly talented and so I am excited to understand that another batch has been shipped over on a similar package deal. Seeing as the tour is already well underway, I won't waste any more time in introducing you to the bands that you need to catch while they're on this side of the globe (assuming you're reading this in the UK, if you're not then just listen and quit bitching about my geographical inaccuracies).

First up are Dead Buttons all the way from Seoul who specialise in fast'n'furious garage punk with an itchy
energy that is sure to get any crowd jumping. The band released the barn storming EP 'Whoever You Are' in February this year and you really need to get your hands on it so you can enjoy the Hives-esque delight of 'Witch' and the dirty, groovy rock of 'Nothing Buy You'. Oh and then there's the country-punk of 'Baby, Please Be Yourself' which opens with the line "There are too much rats close to me, they always look for someone who have weakness" and only gets better from there.

Coming along next are Patients, also from Seoul, who are a colourful bunch. The trio are releasing a new EP in June under the title 'Let's Drive, Let's Go!' which is some kind of power-pop-blues-punk with some crazy piano infused fun ('Let's Go, Let's Drive!' and 'All The Patients Let's Go') and the all out Asian-blues-rock of songs like 'Sipalsegi' which is somewhere between the Jim Jones Revue, Ben Folds Five and the Pizzicato Five. Wherever it is, it's absolutely infectious stuff and guaranteed to make crowds go nuts, whatever the hemisphere.

The third and final of the Asian imports is Asian
Asian Chair Shot - Mask
, also from Seoul, who present an altogether different proposition. Their 2013 EP, 'Mask', is somewhere between prog and grunge with tracks like 'Girl' heading in a very Pearl Jam direction while 'Lord Of The Basement' is a swirling, swaggering beast that is somewhere between the Doors and the Smashing Pumpkins. 'Mask Dance' is a mellower, more introspective affair until the angular, At The Drive-In guitars kick in and it all goes ape shit.  
The bottom line is that these are three extremely good bands with a unique take on western genres that have travelled an awful long way to play for you so the least you can do is get out from in front of Come Dine With Me and go experience them. You never know, they might just float your boat.

More information:

Dead Buttons -

Patients - (unfortunate, that one)

Asian Chairshot -

Live Dates:

Dead Buttons/Patients
7th May - Hatchet Inn, Bristol
8th May - Unit Club (WTFest), Southampton
9th May - AAA, London
10th May - Astbury Castle,  London

Asian Chairshot
6th May - The Bell Jar, Sheffield
7th May - The Eagle Inn, Salford
9th May - AAA, London
11th May - Pam Pam, Bristol

12th May - Pipeline, London