Cocoa Futures - Do Something 
Cocoa Futures - Do Something

I was afraid something like this would happen. With all the hubbub over Nile Rodgers and Chic recently - all perfectly justified - there was bound to be a point when people with influence decided that funk was worth another try. Cocoa Futures' debut single 'Do Something' is light, poppy, funk that sounds like the band playing at the prom in a US teen flick from the early 90s which doesn't really do much for me. Then they try to make it political and that's unforgivable. At best this is party music to dance to and maybe grind (ironically) against that girl from the office that you've fancied for a while. What it is not, I'm afraid, is the politically charged call to action that it wants to be. Oh, and the lyrics sound way too thin and soulless. There is a nice Nile Rodgers riff but that's about as much as there is to like about this. Shame really, I like the name...

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Live Dates:

10th May - The Great Escape, Brighton w/Swell + Mas Agua + Haze
30th May - Single Launch @ The Finsbury, London

21st June - Camden Crawl @ Camden Eye, London