Black Strobe - Going Back Home (Blackstrobe Records) 
Black Strobe - Going Back Home

Release Date: 26th May 2014

Before listening to a note of this I can already tell that Black Strobe are one of the coolest bands around. Black Strobe is a damn cool name. Black Strobe are from a damn cool city, Paris. Black Strobe dress in damn cool and nicely fitted suits. Black Strobe are cool. 'Going Back Home' is also cool. Deep, smooth continental vocals pour like a thick red wine gravy over meaty basslines, crunchy beats and succulent synths to create something in the realm of Transformer or Hot Chip but with more sex appeal. There's a b-side to this single as well (even cooler) in the shape of 'The House Of Good Lovin'' which is essentially about the house next door to the house of the rising sun with groove heavy guitar riffs, Glam-rock beats and vocals that can surely only be sung with a cigarette hanging from the corner of the mouth. For once I judged the book by its cover and the content of the book was better than  I expected. Win, win and win.

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