Wild Smiles - Fool For You (Sunday Best) 
Wild Smiles - Fool For You

Up for something fun and free? No, I'm not offering you a hand job, I'm here to introduce you to the ridiculously infectious rock-pop trio Wild Smiles. I don't know a huge amount about these guys but what I do know is that they have a huge amount buzz surrounding them and, on the basis of this one song, that buzz is justified. 'Fool For You' is a delightful entree which comes in at a little over two minutes but in that time manages to take the dark spirit of the Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club only to splice it with the pop sensibilities of the Beach Boys or early Beatles. From the get-go this is full of up-tempo beats, dirty (seriously, filthy) guitars and perky if not a little sleazy vocals. These guys are going to be massive this summer but whether they are bigger for longer will depend on whether they have any other songs. I'm pretty sure they do though, they don't seem like one song guys.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/WILD.SMILES.the.band/

Free Download: https://www.facebook.com/WILD.SMILES.the.band/app_208195102528120

Live Dates:

1st May - Mark Beaumont Presents @ The Monarch, London
20th May - White Heat Club @ Madame Jo Jo's, London
22nd May - Old Blue Last, London

28th May - The Barfly, London