Two Wings - A Wake (Tin Angel Records) 
Two Wings - A Wake

Release Date: 14th April 2014

Scottish combo Two Wings have their second album coming out on Tin Angel Records and for anyone who is a fan of Fleetwood Mac or Kate Bush then this is very good news. Opener 'Fear' is like Bush bringing the impish guest vocals to a Mac track while 'Adieu' is full on 80s pomp with tinges of folk and rock. When 'Loveless' slowly awakens from an ageless slumber to tell of medieval heroics, you know these guys and gals ain't just peddling the same old tripe. In fact, the Glaswegian quintet have a particularly unique sound, typified by the vocals of the eccentric Hanna Tuulikki. Peel back a layer though and you will find a band full of musical talent weaving Celctic melodies, folk rhythms, rock riffs and pop harmonies in to one heck of a rich tapestry. 'We Can Show You More' is a full on prog anthem in the vein of Yes or Marillion which might not sound 'cool' or 'cutting edge' but there is something incredibly exciting in discovering that there are pockets of this long lost art form still in existence - a bit like those folk keeping the Cornish language alive or people who still insist on listening to all their music on tapes they got from the library.

Roughly half way through this album we get to 'Stranger' which is 99% Kate Bush and I think there is a strong call for these guys to be the support act at the first lady of eccentro-pop's forthcoming Hammersmith residency. But wait, what's this? A country ballad? Yep indeedy, just when you think you've got these guys pegged they come up with a song like 'A Wake To The Dream' which could be sung in the scorching mid-west or a dingy Dublin bar over a slightly out of tune piano. 'You Give Me Love' kicks off with a bit flute action which is always a welcome treat before settling in to a gentle country twang where organs and guitar provide a cosy arm chair for the song to tell its story from. 'Go To Sleep' finishes off the album with a gentle, lullaby of a song that has its roots in country music but the layers of horns give it a formal dance feel that makes you want to take a spin around the floor with your best gal or guy. Two Wings have not created a new genre here but what they do is done by so few other artists that this is worth sitting up and paying attention to - and very few other artists do it this well.

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29th May - Castle Hotel, Manchester

31st May - Sebright Arms, London