Thought Beneath Film - Cartographers (Slaight Music/MapleMusic Recordings) 
Thought Beneath Film - Cartographers

First things first, I want to congratulate Thought Beneath Film on their cover art which is just splendid. So many artists recently seem to have just taken a picture of some branches on instagram and put the title of the album on it thinking that this is arty. It's not. It's just shit and unimaginative. Hamilton trio Thought Beneath Film, however, have an album cover that it is as striking and engaging as their music. The debut album kicks off at full throttle with the Foo Fighters-esque 'Cartographers' before 'The Art Of Giving Up' rocks up like We Are Scientists covering a Taylor Swift song which works way better than it should. Front man Brent Wirth's vocals are that pure, Atlantic tone that Fall Out Boy had such success with and this is in great evidence on the stomping 'If I Could Fix You (You Know That I Would)' and the party swagger of 'False Skin'.

There's something of Blink 182, Sum 41 or Weezer about songs like 'Maybe I'm  A Chump' and 'Hearts On Overdrive' but it's the attention to melody that makes these songs work so well and makes them so commercially viable. 'Paper Trails' sounds like a prog-punk carousel turned up too fast while Rick Wakeman laughs at the children maniacally before the sinister, Interpol-esque tones of 'Sixty-Six' chime in with the most aggressive shoo-bops you've ever heard. As these three bring things towards a close there's just time for 'Magnet' to make the Twilight generation swoon in unison and for 'This Time' to an anthemic, room-bouncing, triumphant finale. Thought Beneath Film are a band that could, with a fair wind and a bit of luck, be absolutely huge on an international scale. They have melodies, hooks, riffs, engaging lyrics and the clean sound that will shift mega units with the right marketing. Oh, and they've got great artwork, did I mention that?

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