The Shy Lips - That's Where I Belong 
The Shy Lips - That's Where I Belong

Release Date: 28th April 2014

Those Swedish boys The Shy Lips are back with their second single 'That's Where I Belong' and holy mama is it an indie pop beaut!? It is, in case you were wondering. Taking the cuteness of the Kooks and adding in some bigger hooks seems to have been the basic premise but then they throw in some rolling bass lines, some cowbell (oh yes) and breathless vocals to top it all off. As the crescendo builds, the guitars and drums wobble on the balance beam without ever losing control despite flirting with Razorlight tendencies a little too much for my liking. It's even got a fade out ending like all the best guitar pop songs do. Lovely stuff.

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Live Dates:

16th April - Hasenschaukel, Hamburg
17th April - Prinz Willy, Kiel
19th April - Baina Klub, Prague
23rd April - Rock OK, Bratislava
24th April - Wakmusik, Graz
26th April - Shamrock Pub, Goetzenbruck
30th April - La Lata de Bombillas, Zaragoza
1st May - La Triangu, Bilbao
2nd May - Zona Rock, Huesca

3rd May - Sala El Cau, Tarragona