The Penelopes - Time To Shine 
The Penelopes - Time To Shine

I hadn't come across The Penelopes until they recently remixed The Cure but now they're back with some of their own stuff and I, for one, can't wait to hear it. New single 'Time To Shine' is the most 80s tune to have been released outside of the 80s and is possibly more 80s than many things actually released in the 80s. Imagine, if you will, Yello remixing a Duran Duran tune that was written with the express intention of being the theme tune for a Japanese cartoon that was being dubbed in to American-English to sell a mountain of plastic toys. This get's you somewhere close to the joyousness that is 'Time To Shine' but before you get too close you'll be swept away by the wall of synths, crazy electro noises and vocals that mix between menacing growls and life affirming choruses. If you didn't like the 80s then steer clear, if you like things uptempo and positive with a perfectly measured sense of nostalgia then you've just found your new favourite band.

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