The Cure - Just Like Heaven [remix by The Penelopes] (Pour Le Monde/Absolute via Universal) 
The Cure - Just Like Heaven [The Penelopes Remix]

Typical isn't it? You wait months to have the chance to review an 80s goth legend and then two come along at once. Gary Numan's new single got a good Mongering yesterday and today it's the turn of the Cure to get a going over. Or rather, it's the turn of London based French duo the Penelopes to present their remix of the Cure classic 'Just Like Heaven'. Now normally I don't bother with reviewing remixes as it feels a bit like judging Jamie Oliver's cooking ability on the basis of how well I can follow his recipe but this soufflé has turned out rather well. What Axel and Vincent have achieved is to turn Robert Smith et al in to bone fide dance floor fillers and not in an awkward indie way. Smith's unique vocal style is given a makeover with bigger bass lines, driving beats and a sense of hedonism that has rarely been associated with the Cure. The 80s feel is retained perfectly but the remix is so adeptly done that you wouldn't be surprised to see this appear as the lead track on the reworking of an 80s classic that hasn't already been butchered - is anyone else worried about Weird Science making a reappearance with Kelly Brook taking on the sexiest of all roles? Shudder.

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