Terminal Gods - Machine Beat Messiah (Heavy Leather Sex) 
Terminal Gods - Machine Beat Messiah

First of all, let's just acknowledge how awesome it is that there is a band called Terminal Gods on a label called Heavy Leather Sex. I'm just gonna leave that one out there for a minute.....

....we good? OK, on with the review. This six track EP from the London based four-piece kicks off with 'Machine Beat Blues' which is a song that snarls from the word go and after a bit of a drooly yawn stands up on all four legs and stares you out until you start to move to the beat. That was just a 90 second warning shot though, the real deal comes on 'Persona' with its menacing drums, 80s goth guitars and deep, psychotic vocals which channel the spirit of the not yet dead Billy Idol. 'The Resurrection Man' takes the pace down a peg and swaggers in to Stone Roses meets Joy Division territory with sultry vocals taking centre stage once again.

The eery harmonica and Spanish guitar opening to 'Snakebite Smile' makes you want to slip on a pair of jet black cowboy boots and go to the local pub to ask someone out for water pistols and 20 paces. Failing that, you could just enjoy the Johnny Cash meets Black Rebel Motorcyle Club on the set of the Lost Boys fun and dance like an 80s goth discovering Judas Priest for the first time. Now, to me, 'The Wheels Of Love' sounds like it could be a positive little ditty about a holiday romance but instead it's a 100 miles an hour, bass driven gallop of a rock tune with indie sensibilities and a heart of darkness. Perhaps predictably, this EP finishes with the marvellously titled 'King Hell' that takes in the darker moments of the Rolling Stones and also squeezes in a nice aural joke based around the title of the song. So, just to summarise, awesome band name, amazing label name and cool as fuck songs. I'm sold and you should be too.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/terminalgods?fref=ts

Live Dates:

18th April - Power Lunches, London
2nd May - Le Klub, Paris
3rd May - Le Bar'hic, Rennes

15th May - The Garage, London w/ChameleonsVox 


  1. Terminal Gods are the best new band out of the UK in ages!


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