Suvi - Find You (Rabble Records) 
Suvi - Find You

Finnish born but now Swedish resident songstress Suvi is what a tabloid journalist might call quirky. This translates to the rest of the world as original and imaginative which is a wonderful thing. 'Find You' is downbeat pop song in the Lana Del Ray spectrum of things but with a more inspirational, 80s cinema feel to them. In fact, the whole song starts like the montage from an 80s film about a hopeless American football team ready to take on the state champions for the honour of their school. It's all synthetic horns and heraldic melodies before Toto style percussion kicks in and Suvi's sensual, breathy vocals tie the whole thing together like a red silk ribbon on a bottle of reassuringly expensive champagne. Way more interesting than the majority of stuff currently being churned out by the latest gaggle of female pop stars. Call it quirky if you like but there are so many other words to use.

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10th May - Unitarian Church, Brighton