Sea Stacks - Glassy-Eyed (The Old Man Of Stoer) 
Sea Stacks - Glassy-Eyed

Release Date: 7th April 2014

Everyone's favourite orchestral indie band Sea Stacks are back! 'Woohoo' I hear you cry. Well, temper your enthusiasm dear boy as this new single, 'Glassy Eyed', is a funereal piece that is seemingly about either drowning or watching someone drown. Cheery. Either way, the swooning strings and head honcho Davy Berryman's thick, syrupy vocals are a delight and you wouldn't mind if this music slowly filled your lungs until all you could see was a bright, inviting light. The A-side is backed with 'Feather Dealt' which is a much lighter tune with the trademark strings and undulating melodies that allow for pins to drop in between the rich and warm movements of bow on string. Sea Stacks could be in danger of being classed as a novelty band but the songs are good enough to be played out on an old pub piano and still work so who am I to pour scorn on their ambition. Nobody, that's who.

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