Poeticat - Smash The Floor 
Poeticat - Smash The Floor

Release Date: 5th May 2014

London based spoken word agit-poppers Poeticat are ready to release their first EP containing some previously released singles and some new tracks as well. The EP begins with some coastal sounds before 'Jetty' swoons in to life with some gentle guitars which quickly become more lively and the Kate Nash-esque vocals of Catherine Martindale to rhyme jetty with spaghetti. On 'Centre Of The Concrete Square', things take a turn for the experimental as the throbbing bass line is the only element holding to instrumentation together while the lyrics take on the issues parenting, class and gangs with a good dose of rye clarity. 'Rest Reprise' is sombre and almost folkish in tone while recent single 'Kind Words Soft Kill' is still as intriguing and challenging as the first time I heard it. The EP finishes up with '3rd Arm' which opens with a scuzzed up bass line and a car alarm style vocal before the guitars come chiming in, all Franz Ferdinand, and the band finish up with what is probably their most mainstream song on the album with a pleasing groove but still a huge number of ideas packed in to one song with a punk ethos. Poeticat strike me as the kind of band that will command a strong and dedicated cult following but will never get played on Radio 1....and that's a very good thing to be.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/poeticat1?fref=ts

Live Dates:

10th May - The Canteen, Bristol