Phoenix Calling - Waves 
Phoenix Calling - Waves

Cambridge 5-piece Phoenix Calling released this EP back in January but I've only just come across it now in order to share it with you good people. The self-released four track EP starts with 'Everybody Knows' and immediately the intensity and energy smacks you round the chops with furious beats and frantic guitars. When the song settles down, it seems these guys have plumped for American influenced rock with crunchy riffs and lots of singing that would best be performed in to a cordless microphone with one foot on the vocal monitor. 'Traces' is up next and this time they boys have gone for a stadium anthem of emo proportions for the skater generation as the layers of guitar build up and those drums splash and crash at every opportunity.

By the time 'We Were Young' comes along you know what you're going to get in terms of style and you can imagine a sweaty, hairy, tattooed mosh-pit going apeshit to this stuff, chanting the lyrics back at the band with pumped up chests and plenty of sincerity. Final track, 'Bring Down The Roof', is the biggest of the four on this EP as the wall of guitars hits you in the face and the band do that loud-quiet-loud thing to great effect. These are tight, well crafted rock songs with a big US influence behind them which would surely go down well in a live environment. My only reservation is that across these four songs there isn't really a big melodic hook that sticks in your mind and drags you back for more.

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